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PRO-PUMP Bio-Remediation Kit
The development of the PRO-PUMP/Bio-Remediation Kit is based on the well-documented historical performance of PRO-PUMP/HC in the recover of sluggish and failed absorption fields. Ecological Laboratories has documented the usage of PRO-PUMP/Bio-Remediation Kit in the recovery of over 10,000 failed on-site wastewater absorption systems located in numerous states, climates, soil types and wastewater system designs. It is noteworthy that PRO-PUMP/HC achieves absorption system recovery in over 90% of treatment regimens, with recovery lasting for many years following bio-remediation.

In developing the PRO-PUMP/Bio-Remediation Kit, the Ecological Laboratories Research & Development Group considered necessary biological parameters, such as select cultures, nutrients, pH, D.O. and proper remediation procedures. The PRO-PUMP/Bio-Remediation Kit incorporates microbial enhancement technology that increases the rate of breakdown of difficult and slow-to-degrade organic matter contained within absorption systems. It also incorporates natural, organic bio-stimulants and oxygen sources to accelerate biological activity, promoting faster removal of accumulated organic solids and bio-mats from absorption systems.

The PRO-PUMP/Bio-Remediation Kit contains background information such as: why absorption systems fail; a review of the bio-remediation recovery process; and full instruction on usage.

Bio-Remediation Application Information Booklet PDF

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